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17th May 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to add a hero to WOTR (Captain of Dale to MOTW) But whenever I do and save it and try to play the game, I get this error 24ca7vq.jpg And here's the INI code. ArmyToSpawn ; Added for BFME2 Expansion PlayerArmy = CaptainofDalePlayerArmy Icon = MoWArmyIcon IconSize = Small PalantirMovie = Palantir_150 BuildTime = 1 ; 3 ConstructButtonImage = HICaptainDaleIcon ConstructButtonTitle = CONTROLBAR:LW_Hero_CaptainofDale ConstructButtonHelp = CONTROLBAR:LW_ToolTipBuild_CaptainofDale End I fail to see what WATER has to do with adding a hero. Is this some function EA decided to do to screw with people who try to mod WOTR?