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#1 14 years ago

Does this mean that Mordor wont have the Witch King as a hero anymore? Also, I know you couldnt get the nine in BFME1, are you finally able to get 9 Ringwraiths (including, obviously, the witch king) It just seems weird to me that they would make a new faction based off of a unit/hero that another faction can already build. Not that I think the expansion packs going to be bad, it sounds awsome, but its just going to be odd that if Im playing Mordor and the CPU is playing Angmar tosee two Witch Kings on the field at once. Im surprised they didnt pick Rhun as the new faction or something (Their armor was sweet in Two Towers). Regardless, its not like its going to be any more a let down than clumping Rohan and Gondor into one faction.

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#2 14 years ago

Yes i agree with you, i think most probably the witchking will be played by mordor and Angmar, this really shoudn't happen and myself have protested against this but it seems EA are really set on having this. This is because the Witchking faught for 2 armies his own Angmar and Mordor at the battle of Minas Tirith, so really it would be unfair to leave him out of Mordor as he is a desicive character in the game and the movie. But he is leading his own faction, the faction Angmar is based on the witchkings movement into Elven land when Frodo is taking the ring past the Brandy-Wine Bridge. So clearly i think EA have explained themselves.