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#1 8 years ago

Hi there! Sorry if you think I'm rude cause i had no presentation on here, but really, my mood is not like it, I have lost all my games in the last days xD

What I wanted to ask you is this: Do you think It is really well balanced? I thought It was, but I've found a problem, at least for myself.

I usually play with Elves, I think they are cool and the work pretty nice almost against anything. Their rangers are cool, heroes are ok and stuff, but what happens when you play against Dwarves? I just play on the game with a friend of mine, we love LOTR and he told me about the game. He used to play with Isengard, but he have been playing with Dwarves lately. My problem is: They are too strong, and their fortress, too. The soldiers are slow, yeah, but they resist loads, they are strong like sh*it, and their attack power is awesome, so they kill the Lorien archers very fast and any kind of my units. Apart of that if I arrive on their fortress, my friend have setted an army of fire catapults I cannot beat, no way. I've tried many strategies, but none worked out. At first i thought it was my fault, cause I didn't know how to beat them, but I'm starting to think that the problem is not just mine, and the point is that the game is not balanced. Dwarves resist too much and their attack is very strong, they have loads of artillery, and the mines are annoying like shit, if you don'r realize soon you suddenly have a pretty nice army f*cking you up.

Something similar happens with Angmar, many units, mages, cool heroes... It's hard to haddle, but it is an awesome faction...

Anyway, am I the only one who thinks this? Have you found a way to get rid of the Dwarves? Is just a fail of the game? I've seen some others have claimed something similar and talked about balance, but I have nothing in clear... I think in BFTMD II this problem didn't existed soo much (must admit that I didn't play against Dwarves in this one)

Thanks, and sorry for spamming from the nothing xD

PS:I think I'm not a noob player, I used to beat anyone most of the times, but this have overpassed me... PS: English is not my main lenguage, so please, don't mother much with it xD

By the way if any of you would like to play with me just tell me ^^ And if you like any other game like AOE, I would be happy to play with you too :3

Again, Thanks and Sorry!!