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#11 11 years ago

Well IMO its the DIFFERENCE that makes the balance, like you said WVG19 every unit is different from another and that makes every unit original :) And well like i said above i think EA should USE that difference to balance out the factions, if that balance makes for example Isengard stronger than Rohan, then so be it. (Talking of Bfme1,2 and Rotk here ey gentlemen ;) ) Because the balance I seek is the balance of Tolkien's books. I hate to start with examples again. But say an Uruk-Hai unit is stronger then a Rohan Peasants Unit then i think EA should balance this out by making Rohan BUILD the peasants faster, and this way it keeps the game original to the movies/books because ALL of Rohan became somewhat of an army because they were invaded by Saruman's forces. And then i get to your point with the heroes Digz, in my opinion Heroes are the HARDEST to balance out, because if you want realism, that means Aragorn can be hit and die from one arrow, but if you make the Heroes too UNimportant then nobody wants to build them anymore :( A real Dilemma ;)


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#12 9 years ago

No offense guys but I have literally no idea what you guys are on about.....Ok in BFME 2 you could do the nice cosy camping tactic I admit the campaign was easy. I played Angmar campaign and quickly realised theres a few levels that just doesnt let you do this. As for War of the ring mode I play this on historical first time its all on medium difficulty(the default setting of that scenario) and quite literally Mordor, Isenguard and Goblins rape the crap outta you....Which yea its cool following the historical campaign with the helms deep and minis tirith seige....Whats not cool is starting with like two builders and a hero unit when three fully fledge armies are comnig at you....I wouldnt mind only there nazgul which you cant fooking do anything to without archers so yea your annihilated there on the spot....Now for you guys going to brag about brutal blah blah fair play your a very talented person(clap yourself on the back) but your still talking utter bollox if you think camping and building large armies is easily done in this expansion....Fact is walls and towers arent even worth crap trolls smash them to bits in seconds or they dont even bother rushing them they just spam seize weapons then spam orcs once your walls and towers are dust.......As for balance what a joke best side are dwarves nuff said I can manage hard with them for two good reasons 1. You get mostly left alone at the start of it 2. They are hard as fook.

PS> I dont dislike the game but its really a rushers game there is no turtle tactics in it at all.

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#13 9 years ago

Your sounding rather silly at the moment to be honest, your lack of knowledge about the game is rather annoying simply because you DON'T play online. We are talking about online not about some hard army or medium army or even brutal army. Trust me, you can camp online it will work, to say it does not work it utter rubbish and shows again your lack of knowledge about the game, camping isn't all about walls and towers, you can camp with units, such as mirks and rangers just infront of your base to stop ANYTHING from coming in.

Sorry to be so harsh but, if you haven't played online with other players abusing strategies you'll never seen against the AI, then you have not experienced even 2% of the game. We are talking about balance, trying to eliminate campers and remove the power of the Dwarves, if you think Dwarves are rubbish you clearly have no idea how to play the game because if your facing AI, sure you can take them out, if your against a player that is concsious to all the balance changes and power of units then your likely to get wtfraped if your against Dwarves.

This game is not just about rushers, you do see quite a lot of camping in quickmatch matches espeically if their either Elves or Men, rushing is done yes but usually ends in a stalemate if players are well matched, if their not then obviously the better player will win, or unless the units are so overpowered like Dwarven Guardians in defensive mode are like titanium tanks.

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