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#1 13 years ago

~S~ All.

Recently we started the 1st of the 9th, an air cav BFV squad, the 1st of the 9th were a real unit during the Vietnam war and were highly succesful. The squad is made up of three main units, Blue (Huey Slicks) Red (Huey Gunships) White (Infantry). Our squad aims to recreate real squad action from Vietnam, thus we have ranks,roles to fill and use actual period tactics. However we believe in teamwork, we currently have posistions open in all units.

Our website is still under construction but our forum is up and running. For full details on what it is we actually do then please visit the forum and ask anything you want. We are NOT a clan, We are a SQUAD. If you want a realistic mature squad of over 16's only please pay a visit to:


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