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Hello there! The |45th| Infantry Division is always looking for members, and maybe soon you can be one too. Many clans have requirements on how to join, and ours is no different! So here let me give you some information! We play the fallowing games.... Games Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Desert Combat Battlefield Vietnam Battlefield Point of Existence Battlefield 2 As you can see we are a Battlefield Series clan... Currently we have a Vietnam server which we play BFV and POE on... Here are the requirements aswell! Requirements You must be 18+ (Exeptions) One of the games above Microphone Xfire + TeamSpeak We are an 18+ clan because we don't enjoy playing with youngsters.... Our average age in the clan is 44... Currently our age ranges from 20-51 years of age. We recieve many people from Military backgrounds, because we use many tactics in gameplay. Normal clans just have base raping strategies and such, but we focus more on teamwork, insertion, extraction, etc.... Trust me, you haven't seen any Battlefield clan use the strategies we use, and how we execute them... Join in on a few of our practices and find out! We also require a $5 monthly fee, which I see many people aren't very into, yet we think that even though $5 isn't much, it still shows how one is dedicated to the clan. The $5 pays for Servers, TeamSpeak, Website, etc... This was also another reason why we decided to become an 18+ clan... Currently our website is underconstruction because we are trying to correct some items on the forums, add stat trackers, and a few other things... But please visit us at www.clan-45th.com


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