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1st August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Five Elements of Destruction, or 5°Ð to most. A group of players, most above 27 (but not all of us), with an eclectic game activity and a good friendship all around. Most of us play BF:V continuously, but we also play many other games as well, so we upkeep our own dedicated box to do so. We are involved in a voluntary BF:V tournament which has been some fun so far, but we also play Pugs and Pubs, but no ladders as of yet. Also, the -TPF- community is close to us so we have a good crew here. You can visit our Forums: 5od net Our BF:V Server: 5°Ð-KillingFields-Texas-TPF- Get my MSN from here, we'll PM you our Teamspeak IP one way or the other. and...if you're into web/graphic design, mapping, modding, or anything else that requires a website to host, we provide that to all our members as well. Mature minded only need apply.