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#1 16 years ago

Hello Battlefield Community!

The 82nd Division is recruiting, we have 4 divisions, Army Navy AirForce Marine Corps

I am the Army division Leader, Snot13, this is a Battlefield Vietnam clan, and we need more people to join our clan, there is no age limit, yet, and we dont have to see you in combat, just go to, http://82ndairborne.low-ping.com/main.asp and click, Joining the 82nd, more more info, Thanks (SMA)Snot13[82nd]

*update* Wev gotten acople requests so far, but were still widely open, lots of spaces to fill, feel free to check it out!

Now, iv just came up with a acople of changes, im in charge of Army/Airforce, my rules are as follows if u wana join

*Wana be in the army, thats fine, no testing needed!. *No Age Litmits *Dont be a lammer! *If you want to fly a jet/heli, ill have to test you for certain reasons! (please note me and only me will test you once, so theres no presure, then me and some other players will test u, to see how much pressure you can take, not to be mean of corse) *you must have XFIRE, and TEAMSPEAK, if you dont, please get it, no mic, no problem

That is all ~(ADL)Snot13[82nd]~