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8th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Summer has hit the Vietnam team hard and we need a few good men/women. What we are looking for: pilots infantry all around players If you are good or decent in any of these areas contact me at [email]koolguy2050@hotmail.com[/email]. that is also my MSN name. We do have a few requirments. 1. You need a mic 2. At least 18+ 3. Teamwork orriented( we dont need anymore rambos than we already have.) We have a Vietnam server and Desert Combat server, both based in Dallas,TX. (AFO) DC Bada Bing EA AFO's RumBle in Da JuNgle We also have a private teamspeak server(hence the need for a mic) Our website is http://www.clanafo.com. if you are interested either shoot me an email or register with our forums and make a post in the Vietnam public forum