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26th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello, at this moment in time the =ALX= clan is recruiting people like you to our clan. Hears a brief description of our clan:- Assault Legion X is a clan of players wanting to have fun, and play well doing it, we are divided into divisions. The divisions are... Special ops, Marine Corps, Ground Forces, Air Force, and navy(basically boats and choppers, and covert ops missions) We encourage teamwork and we are looking for dedicated members. if you do want to join email [email="cra@mail.yellowstone.net"]cra@mail.yellowstone.net[/email] or [email="dr_iggy666@hotmail.com"]dr_iggy666@hotmail.com[/email] Lastly we have our own server on BF:V called 'alx clan server' and our own ventrillo server for voice communication. :naughty: :daddy: :cya: P.S. Join the Special Ops! :deal: