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#1 13 years ago

Ok my clan is fairly new but is for underskilled Bfv gamers or gmod It's not a serious clan.Just for fun on Battle field vietnam or gmod.We just practicly mess around with vehicles or do stuff well what we want.You will need to trial,No payment,Age limit 11&up,Also you will need poe version0.2 Ithink that is the one These are the vehicles,,,,,,SU-39 A-10 LCAC MLRS LAV-AD LAV-25 LAv-AT LAv-A SU-34 KA-60 UH-60 Uh_60Q UH-60A HTTV MGator Humvee TOW Humvee Mk19 Humvee Armoured Browning Humvee Armoured MK19 Humvee Armoured M249 Humvee pickup M2 Bradley PGM GAZ Armoured KORD GAZ Armoured AGS17 GAZ Armoured KORNET GAZ Armoured Pechneg Well mine that i have has a lot more vehicles in it so im not sure what version so i will play and post but now you get a pint:beer: So:deal: or no:deal: .O yeah here is the ava aniciban2fiwu9.gif