Is =SotB= Recruiting?! YAH! Here ya! -1 reply

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2nd May 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi there,

=SotB= is recruiting for European members only. We are a skilled clan, who like to win their matches. We are on the ClanBase "database" and soon planning to join a ladder in there. We are planning to get a TS2 server aswell. We also have a site up = We are mostly recruiting for recruits who can use Artillery (turrets, tanks etc.) :tank: we also need some Plane Pilots who are welcome to drop some Naplams on our side. We don't mind some soldiers who can move good on the battlefield, meaning you hide behind cover as u move along etc. We play with full 100% Co-Operation. You need to have MSN Messenger to keep in contact. :daddy:

What are u waiting for soldier!? Get moving the Battlefield is waiting for u! :tommygun: :runaway:

If you are intrested in joining add me to your MSN: [email=""][/email] Or reply to this forum :P