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26th July 2004

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[size=18]The KaoS Contingency[/size] The KaoS Contingency is a multigaming clan, for people that do not fully understand this concept this entails a community of gamers that do what their best at; gaming. This message contains information on what it means to be a part of our community, how you can become a member or a divisions and what we have to offer and what our teams have reached so far. Why would I wanna be a part of this community? Well all of us in KaoS can say that we enjoy having a large group to talk with, have fun with and game with. Our large community offers you fun, and our dedicated team of management people are constantly enveloped in making this community better by gaining sponsors and stearing divisions into the right way. We have our own well structured forum with over 150 people registered and growing. All members discuss everything of whatever sort with eachother here, amongst serious division chat regarding matches and tactics. We have some well developed connections with other communities, internet related companies and server hosting companies. We have our own communication servers, of which currently two are Teamspeak and one is Ventrilo. Every division has their own server, and if they dont we do our best to get them suited up by using our contacts around the gaming community. What have our divisions reached so far? So far our first division in a First Person Shooter called Ravenshield has reached heights of 2nd place in the 2v2 league. And a 9th position in the Team survival league (4v4 and up). Our Unreal Tournament 2004 division has reached amazing results in one of the most popular ladders, the Onslaught ladder. They managed to obtain a steady position within the top5. We currently have 3 other divisions starting up, but we make sure that any division that joins us is 100% skilled and will obtain a respectable position to uphold our name in the gaming community. What does it take to become a or a team within this Multi Gaming Clan?[/size] As for divisions we ask quite a lot from you. Our motto for existing teams that are intrested is Take one step back to take two forward with us and your team. We ask of you to register your clan on our forum where you will receive your own forum structure and private chat, amongst being able to join the rest of the community in our chatting. We request to see your existing/standing records of achievement in the ladders you play. If all of those have been checked you will start a trial that takes 2 weeks. In those two weeks we will soley check if you can generate enough forum activity to become a active division. A healthy community is build on communication. And the communication here goes through the forum. Ofcourse a up to a certain extend this is done on Teamspeak and Ventrilo but the large proportion is done through the forum. Without there being sufficient intrest in showing your teams activity on our forum we can do nothing but assume the division is not active enough. Once that period has been passed we will request of you to add the KaoS tag to your name. It is up to your team to decide where it is put, also we allow you to decide wether or not you still want your old tag in your name or not. At this point we will accomodate your members under the ranks of our roster in the leagues we play. And from there on it is all fun and game and kicking ass as we like to see it. Can I myself join KaoS? Individual players will have to adhere to the divisions trial periods. Every division has their own trial structure prepared. For instance the Ravenshield division upholds a 2 week period where you show ur skill and integrity to the rest of the clan before the captains and the team evaluate you. In the Unreal division you will be asked to display your skill versus some of their most skilled in several gametypes and to show ur tactical ability in the Onslaught gametype. And the other divisions have similar structures setup. Where can I contact KaoS? Or find more information? We also have a public TS @ There culd be members of KaoS there but if they arent then mIRC or the Forum makes for the best "question" place.