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5th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hey guys/girls...

We are a clan Incontrol Europeans, we have a few members about 6-7, we are struggerling at the moment, trying to get members so we can get on the leagues and have a few matchs and stuff, but as we all no its a hard life starting up a clan, so we are asking is there any other clans out there is the same position as us and would be willing to merge together to have a nice size clan who can together get stronger?

We currently have some forums HERE!! feel free to check them out and make a post or 2, if interested in our offer plz E-Mail me at [email=""][/email] . If you are not interested in our offer but feel like meeting some new friends plz stop by our forums and liven our boyz up.

Your help will be greatly appriciated, thanks in advance for any e-mails or replies. LiQuiD.