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Hope you don't mind me posting this here, because I didn't think people would like me posting this in BF2 discussion and there is no BF2 Clan forum. Anyway: Modern Warfare is a tournament starting out in preparation for Battlefield 2. If you've ever played or even heard of other such popular tournaments such as Battlefield Europe for Battlefield 1942, or 21st Century Warfare for Desert Combat, the gameplay is like that. Quick highlight of these types of tournaments: Very organized gameplay between two "armies" complete with a full ranking system, chain of command, and team division (including special forces and air force). Teams are always expected to be large, and battles last a long time, so that it pretty much fits everyone's time schedule. Come the battle day, you can come in whenever you want, stay as long as you want, then rotate out. Longer version: If you are not familiar with those popular tournaments, Modern Warfare is basically a closed contest between two teams, fighting over territory designated in a fictional map of control points: modernwarfaremap.jpg Each week, a territory will be chosen and fought over on the weekend (usually a Saturday). Whether a team is attacking or defending is chosen by either the results of the previous battle, or in the case of the first few scrims, by the TAs (Tournament Administrators). Each territory corresponds with a single map. On the day of the battle the map is played for a time period ranging from 9-12 hours (depends on the tournament, traditionally it's 12 but I've seen some tournaments reduce the gametime by a few hours). Obviously you are not expected to play all 12 hours; you can merely come in when you are available to lend a helping hand. People will be rotating in and out all day. Team with the most wins (Opposition Forces or US) over that territory, takes it (or keeps control of it if they were merely defending). And so it goes like this for around 15 weeks. There are also practices throughout the week. Practices required (if any), as well as time and frequency, are all determined by whoever's the presiding General of your team's military. As for the structure of the tournament, all ranks are implemented except for Warrant Officers (which are sometimes used, sometimes not). At the beginning of each campaign, everyone starts out as a pvt unless you're an officer (leading a company) or a general (leading the entire division). Based on your performance during battles--whether it show your skill, support abilities, or leadership abilities--you may receive promotions, as well as medals and ribbons to add to your sig to display your contributions to your team and the tournament. Promotions come into play whenever a higher officer isn't present: it goes down the chain of command to decide who's leading what. Also remember that abandonment of your orders may also result in penalties/demotions as well. Don't let that scare you, we're just trying to be sure that we don't have rambos abandoning their squads trying to accomplish objectives. Tired of pubbies teamkilling everyone, or people not working for the good of the team? Then join. If you're already in a clan, you're more than welcome to stay with them. Remember, there are no heavy obligations to the tournament, as long as you can help out when you can. We normally have a handful of people in these tournaments that still hold ties to a clan anyway. Hope to see you on the roster! If there are any questions, you can contact me either through AIM or Xfire. My sn is Vi3tmix. -Vi3tmix Captain for the 2nd US Division's Air Force