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29th June 2004

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#1 14 years ago

AIM is a Multi-Gaming clan, with players from Europe and the US.

We are currently looking for new members in all Divisions of AIM

We currently have Divisions in the following games. [color=blue](Game Admin’s)[/color]

BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM = [color=blue]{A.I.M}Shadow[/color] :cya:

VIETCONG = [color=blue]{A.I.M}Toowong & {A.I.M}Tiny[/color] :bows:

JOINT OPERATIONS = [color=blue]{A.I.M}Melvin.[/color] :cya:

[color=red]AIM belongs to {A.I.M}Toowong and co run by {A.I.M}Tiny, and then organised by the game Admins.[/color]

We are looking for members 18+, who are willing to donate their time into fun gaming/matching. All we ask is to follow a few simple rules and have CLEAN FUN.

Interested in joining email us ASAP. Recruiting will end soon due to high interest. :beer:

We will have servers for all divisions