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11th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

[color=white]Napalm is good, Napalm is wise....[/color] [color=white]Hey All, FTA is Recruiting for BFV players as well as 1942 as well as other platforms![/color]

[color=white]We are a highly ranked clan playing in Clanbase, see Link: [color=red]http://www.clanbase.com/claninfo.php?cid=373452[/color][/color] [color=white]and we are trying to fill our ranks in BFV![/color]

[color=white]Please come check our website at [/color][color=red]http://www.ftaclan.com/[/color] [color=black][color=white]Clan Philosophy:[/color] [/color][color=white]We are friendly close-knit bunch of guys and Girls, We enjoy playing all types of online gaming especialy on line Shooters! We are based in the U.K. but have quite a few Players from other European Countrys. As long as you can speak english, Have a mature additude and show respect for your other clan members, you are welcome to try out to join our clan.[/color] [color=white]Applicants Qualities: [/color][color=white]Ideally your a pleasant chap, We are not solely after 'stat whores' or anything elitist like that by any means, but you ideally should be a good specialist in game or a solid all-rounder. Again ideally you should be an established BFV or similar Player and not someone that that has only 'just' started playing the BFV, but I repeat "anyone who genuinely thinks that they have what it takes" will be offered a Test.[/color] [color=white]Why Pick Us:[/color][color=white] We currently have some fifty active clan members and an extremely lively, friendly online social life. We also meet up for the well organised multiplay i-series events and make full utilization of our dedicated teamspeak 2 servers. |FTA| have formed a very close relationship with their sister clan ::BR:: and are planning to have weekly Battlefield Vietnam practice sessions against them in the near future having seen them move away from Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield Vietnam recently. Once established we will be looking at joining clanbase for UK / EU league matches. |FTA| and ::BR:: are running two Battlefield Vietnam servers at present, a Battlefield 1942 public server and a Battlefield 1942 private server. The main Battlefield Vietnam public server can be found at ip. but please be patient when joining as it is normally pretty full. Our main Battlefield 1942 server can be found at ip. and although we don't advertise the fact, most of the |FTA| and ::BR:: members have admin rights and will assist you whilst on the servers where possible. [/color] [color=white]Thanks |FTA|Kali[/color];)