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#1 16 years ago

Hey If you are looking for a Team that will be in CAL, TWL etc. This will not be for you but please read on!! Team FX is a BFV Stunt Team were we do ALLOT of Stunts useing glitches and stuff like that if you wanna check out one of our Vids Please Feel free to Email Me! I will be more then glad to send you one my email is [email=""][/email] We only have 2 members so far I am looking for a good CO-Leader "Editor" Requirements *Must Have Fraps if not go to and D/L this is what we record with *Must Know some INSANE Stunts like bailing out of a plane and not opening a Chute and land in a Jeep etc. *Must be at least 15 *That is all the requirements I will also be hosting a Server called Team FX Stunts Well Thanks for your time GOOD luck -Drew