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The United Force - RECRUITING:

We take great pride in playing this game with as much realism as it will allow. We make every effort to compete as a TEAM using tactics and communication to overwhelm our opponents. Winning is our goal but we learn from our losses and strive to overcome our mistakes. If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, please stop by our website and post in our forums. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hooah!!! [TUF] Requirements:

- Must play at least 5 hours a week - Must be at least 16 years or older - Must have a mature and respectful attitude - Must have mic for use with TeamSpeak - Must be willing to be active on site/forums - We participate in TWL only. - We treat our matches seriously just like a sport. - If you dont show for practice, then you dont play. - TUF expects all members to show up to practice unless otherwise. - TUF requires all of its soldiers to use teamwork and communications.

We try to get the most realism possible while still having a good time. We use military ranks and tactics while maintaining a close relationship between Officers and enlisted; the lines of communication are always open and ideas are readily reviewed by the command staff.

Head by our site if you are interested in joining,