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#1 13 years ago

Total War a Point of Existence tournament is looking for hardcore team players for our two divisions in the tournament. Total War is not a clan or ladder or league what we are a real war, that’s right a real war. Here is why: 1. We have two divisions with 5 companies per division (3 line companies a Air Force company and a Specops company) 2. A full chain of command Gen thru PVT 3. We fight 12-hour battles (this is done as we have people from all over the world playing and we want as many people to play as we can. 4. Battles are set up 25 vs 25 5. We balance the maps and mod so no one side has a advantage (Battles come down to training and the better plan) 6. NO SMACKTARDS (No Tking no spawn camping aircraft) 7. NO calling for arty and no one spotting (arty is always used) 8. A chain of command that changes after each campaign (campaigns last 8 weeks) 9. Tournament sponsored by the POE DEV TEAM and Hypernia 10. Many former military people from all over the world (Give the tournament a real military feel) 11. Team work on a lager scale 12. Battle plans set up just like In the real world I could go on and on. If you are looking for great people no smacktards and great team play this is the place for you. **WARNING** if you join you may never play pub play again. Please check it out at Tell them DAWG sent you.