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10th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

:moon: [color=darkorange]Sup guys. Be sure to check us out![/color] :moon: We currently have 17 active members ( In our battlefield Vietnam division alone) with a Ventrillo Server and Gaming Server. We are looking to expand our roster. |TS| Is looking for skilled mature players who know how to have a good time. CHECK OUR WEBSITE OUT AT: [color=red]www.ts-clan.com[/color] TO APPLY AS AN INTERESTED RECRUIT GO TO OUR FORUMS AT OUR WEBSITE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK ABOVE AND SELECTING FORUMS. YOU CAN ALSO APPLY BY EMAILING ME AT [email="Drewross13@hotmail.com"][color=red]Drewross13@hotmail.com[/color][/email] Godspeed and good luck to all. [color=yellow]-|TS|Zea BattleField Vietnam Division Leader[/color]