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8th July 2004

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RECRUITING The United Coalition Forces are currently looking for some more members. We are a mature gaming clan. We ask that recruits are no younger than 18 yrs of age. We use strategies and battle tactics, whether we are defending or assaulting an objectives. We are a BF based clan and we are currently opening up a America's Army battlegroup. The most played game played rightnow is BFV and some of our members are getting thier honor up in Americas' Army. We are training for TWL matches that we will soon be playing. We also use TeamSpeak and ask that recruits have mic and headphones. Any other questions please email me or PM me: [email="ucfcole@shaw.ca"]ucfcole@shaw.ca[/email] SCRIMMAGES We are looking for some freindly scrimmages to keep our st quick! ;) Any clans out thier interested please email me or P.M. me. We have a 22 slot server and our clan consists of 10 players right now. We can set up 8v8 or 6v6 at the moment. Thank You |=UcF=|Cole|CPT| [email="ucfcole@shaw.ca"]ucfcole@shaw.ca[/email]