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#1 16 years ago

UEO: United European Offensive and our American brothers UAO: United American Offensive are recruiting. All we ask is that you show maturity (no noobisim in server ect) and you speak and understand English. We are a fairly new clan but are growing quickly. We use a ranking system (General, Captain ect) which has proven effective ingame and we have no power crazy leaders as we have A Tribunal that make the important desisions. Donating members are appreciated. We will use Teamspeak and Xfire.

If your interessted in joining, register on our forums and post a recruitment aplication in either the UEO or UAO recruits section. If you get stuck or something isn't working, contact me on msn messenger: [email="vietnamgibbon@hotmail.co.uk"]vietnamgibbon@hotmail.co.uk[/email]

www.ueo.uni.cc (the site is only temperary)

Thanks [UEO]Gen.Gibbon