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28th January 2006

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#21 14 years ago

A tf mod would be very unbalanced , if you were to stay authentic . Padre made a good point , only decepticons fly . And everyone would just want to play that side . Though a really good sci fi mod along the lines of tf would make an excellent mod , If you want to go 80's pop , Voltron was an awesome show too , they transformed and were piloted . Though there is still the problem of writing code for the transformations im sure it can be done , the guys who did desert strike for bf1942 did amazing things , maybe if you tryed to contact some of them they could help you there .


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19th April 2004

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#22 14 years ago

The code can be done... I have seen a transformable vehicle in effect in the m46 mod I mentioned earlier. I would not even be here if I didn't think it was possible. It transfored from a static object to a manuverable vehicle. Just that alone can be used for alot of things. All Im saying, is that its possible to create vehicles that transform in bfv and there is a wealth of untapped possibilities in that area of modding. However, it would really take some dedicated and knowledgable modders. Lots of time too. I would not make an actual TF mod EVER because of copyright issues, and I like to be more original if I can. I think you could make a mod with robots that transform, but leave the whole franchise aspect out. Create completely new robots with abilities that create a balanced game. Both sides would have land to air robots, and both would have heavy firepower units as well as scouts, etc. They could even be using the same robots only with different colors for the differnt teams for all I care. The thing I think is cool would be to just make some type of robot vehicles that can transform, but they would not look or sound anything like transformers.. Oh, Im 23 and I used to love transformers when I was a child, and when I was about 19 or 20 I noticed they had a new 3D transformer show on saturday morning cartoons, which I accidently turned on one day. ( I never watch TV cause Im always on the computer) I must say, that show was one impressive piece of artwork. I have respect for transformers and the series evolution, and I don't think that its something that only appeals to little kids either.