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#1 16 years ago

hi all,

i got a problem, its about adding bots... what i use, Botinator 0.5 and i have upgraded my BFV to 1.2. I got through easily, first game was nice. 64 bots, 3 groups of 5 got into 3 humvees, another 12 got into Bradleys and M1A2s. 4 got into another humvee with me.

So after 1 game, i quit. i extracted the map to another folder( lets call it "New Folder"), copy the folder pathfinding in my BFV root game directory, and replaced the one inside the extracted folder (New Folder), and i use Botinator for a 2nd time to check the pathmaps. and WHAT a shock i got, just 1 island outlined, no buildings outline, just 1 small black colored island in a big white, take a look... im really pissed off and unhappy :( , i made this map for 3 months. Some help would be appreciated.