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12th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

How do I edit my music playlist to and bring in WMP files from my HD into the game's vehicle menu? Furthermore, does anyone else hear the music if I play those songs?

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#2 16 years ago

No, no one else will here your music. If there isn't already a folder in your BFV main directory named playlist or music, I forget, add one and put whatever music you want in, though I don't remember what can be played, only sure that MP3s work.


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19th April 2004

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#3 16 years ago

OK, well I actually made a mod myself that does exactly what you are asking about. It changes the music for the vehicle radio. You could put an mp3 in the MyMusic folder which is located in the games program folder, but that would only allow you to hear your songs, and you cannot hear the custom songs that others will play. The mod I made actually replaced the .wav files used in the game and the part of code in the game.rfa that defines the music name for the list, the .wav file, and the number of seconds of each song rounded up to the nearest whole number. Theoretically, anyone with this mod installed will hear the custom musik and will ALSO be able to hear other peoples custom musik, as long as everyone is running the mod. I never got to test the mod, and never released it because of song copyright issues I would rather avoid. Also, the .wav files are HUGE, and you would have to download at least a FULL CD worth of musik 650 mb, to get the effect of it. When you install the original game it installs at least a full CD of .wav files for the games original musik. The only way to make a musik mod and distribut it is by CD, and thats if you want to change all the songs. You could change like 3 songs, and the filesize would be like 30 or 40 megs tho. I put a post somewhere on this forum about how I did it, so you can search the forum for that. Or just browse through the 4 or 5 pages (not many!) in the mod forum here, and you should find it. If you look and still can't find it, PM me and I might find time to create the musik mod into a mini-mod, because the one I created has a full song list and is hundreds of megs as it is, because uncompressed .wavs are large files. The minimod would show you which files to edit and such, an example or something to start with. Im really busy tho so I hope you at least try to get it on your own. There is another issue, it may have been resolved by now. Last I heard, the game has no (windows) support for playing mods online AT ALL, unless running a dedicated linnux server. I myself have not seen any online mod, yet. Except TOD, which has found a way to work around this, but I saw in the original game distribution code that TOD had some things in the code, so they have been working with the game and the Devs before the release I think.