Ia Drang ehh, EoD rocks Bf:V -1 reply

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10th April 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I am kind of disappointed with the Ia Drang map. I think it would have been better if the NVA also had to spawn far away from the battle field. Also that you cant spawn in the feild. Meaning you have to be air lifted, or walk to the fight. I also think that they should add more Huey Transports to this map and basicaly many others. I remember this map in EoD. There version was by far the best. It was so fun! It was one of the few maps where me and like 10 other guys with aks, watched hueys come in and drop people off. Another thing I love about EoD is they turned off the parachute in that map. Some of you never played EoD, you poor soals. Well with no parachute the game play is fantastic. I hate in Bf:V how people can just parachute out of their hueys. Personaly you should only be able to parachute out of the Chinook or the Mi-8 transport imo. Anyways EoD will breath new life into bf:v and I hope they remake Ia Drang. All of us, We Were Soldiers fans, will love you for it. Anyways keep up the work EoD!