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25th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Have an Idea for a weapon,vehicles,characters,Maps,Classes or Characters?I know i have,I have alot em em,If you have any more ideas please feel free to post any.Soory for the Length Classes: US Soldier(M16,M16A2,Grenades,Berreta,SandBags,Knife,Soldier LandMines) US Medic(MP5,Barret,Grenades,Knife,Grenades) US Rocketer(LAW,Berreta,Knife,Grenades) US Support(ShotGun,Silenced Pistol,Mortar,SandBags,LandMines,Knife) US HeavyAssault(M249 SAW,Knife,Wire,Berreta,Grenades) US Sniper(M21,Knife,Berreta,SandBags,Grenades,Smoke Grenade) Misc for all teams: Sandbags Wire Booby Trap Characters: US Medic US Soldier UN Medic UN Soldier British Medic British Soldier New Team: South Africa US Vehicles: M1A1 M2A3 MLRS Humvee Supply Truck Transport Truck BlackHawk AH-64 AH-6 LittleBird PT Boat RHIB Enterprise Supply Ship(Carries Ammo,Health and Troops) BattleShip Destroyer Submarine A10 A10_B F16 F14 Marine Chopper US Weapons: M16 M16A2 M249 SAW LAW Barret M21 Sniper MP5 Landmine Soldier Landmine Berreta Grenades British Vehicles: M1A2 M2A3 MLRS Humvee British Ambulance(Humvee with siren and holds 6 troops) British Light Tank(Need a name) British MainBattle Tank(Need a name) British APC PT Boat RHIB SeaHawk SeaKing BlackHawk LittleBird AH-64 F16 F18 A10_B F14 British Weapons: M16 M16A2 M249 SAW LAW Stinger Barret M21 Sniper Bush Ranger Landmine Soldier Landmine Berreta Grenades UN Vehicles: UN Light Tank UN APC UN MainBattle Tank UN Ambulane UN RHIB UN Humvee MLRS Supply Truck BlackHawk AH-6 UN Weapons: M16 M249 SAW LAW M21 Sniper MP5 Landmine Soldier Landmine Berreta Grenades China Vehicles: Overload Tank Maruder Tank Flame Tank LandMine Tank(Places Land Mines) MI-8 MI-8 Assault Mig-29 China Weapons: AK47 AK75 RPG7 Stinger PKM LandMine Japan Vehicles: Overload Tank Flame Tank MI-8 Japan Weapons: AK47 AK75 RPG7 Stinger PKM LandMine Thats alot,Over 50 Vehicles,Over 30 Weapons and over 15 Maps!More ideas to come soon.