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6th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Its update time on InvasionGotland!

* InvasionGotlands first commercial is up for download!

On Go get it! Its under "commercials" on the Downloadsection. During the summer we will release more commercials.

* Ingame screenshots! We all know that you want ‘em. Later this week we will put up the first batch for your enjoyment on our webpage!

* Vehicles Some new pictures here. Our AA (based on LVAKAN) and the fighter plane DRAKEN.

* Release – when? We have changed or plans when it comes to the release of the mod! We will NOT release during June. Right now we are discussing how the release plan will look like but the thing that we agreed on is this: "we will release the mod when its done". We are still on schedule for the gold release that will be in the late summer/early autumn. There will be a finished beta during the summer but it will not be released to the public at first. We will do internal testing - and external.

* During this Friday: a public alpha test! Yes! That’s right, there will be a possibility to see a alpha version of at least one map, gameplay, guns & vehicles on next Friday. More information will follow on the webpage And no, it will not be available from the net but a LAN-style event. Stay tuned for more info!

That’s all for today! Enjoy the movie and the pictures and don’t forget to check in later this week to watch the in-game screenshots!



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#2 16 years ago

Wrong forum dude, someone move this to BFVfiles. I looked at the site, pretty cool, nice idea too.