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20th September 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Hi guys, I've just finished making a map that I started a while back, it's the 1st map I've put online, and only the second I've ever made - all the same I'm quite happy with it... It's called "Siege of Long Xuyen" - with both city and jungle areas. The NVA are in the hills accross the river from Long Xuyen city, and must cross a bridge to get there, where US Marines are stationed & must secure the rest of the city before the NVA enter. Pictures here; 45516_1.jpg 45516_2.jpg 45516_3.jpg 45516_4.jpg 45516_5.jpg 45516_6.jpg I've included the v1.2 vehicles, T-72, M113-Zippo and so on (EA/Dice didn't put the Zippo in any of their levels) - There's a custom loadscreen, & custom load music "White Rabbit" by Jefferon Airplane. Download it here;;45516