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25th May 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello i am the Leader from a new mod called Countries Divided,It is about the US,UN and British vs Japan,China and South Africa.This mod is based in 2005 when the South Africans Attack a British AirBase and were in need for the UN and US assitance.Next the Chinese and Japan Army attack a large US and UN Convoy and were surrounded by Chinese and Japanese Tank.Any way onto the people who we have and the people that we need.:nodding:

:tank: :flag: :tank: :tank:

The Team so far:

Henry - Project Leader - Mapper,Researcher,Idealist Stalker - Mapper,Idealist,Beta Tester _-=Britains Best=-_-Project Leader, Modeler, Mapper, Saitoh - Modeller,Mapper -=EAF=- Cpt. Havoc - Co-Leader - Modeller, Skinner, Graphic desinger, Mapper BlindCriminal- mapper whoopu2 - Mapper, Artist, researcher, mapper, idea modelist Demolition Man - Group manager, conceptual artisit idea modelist Demolitio- Conceptual artist Rensole - Modeler, Researcher,Idea modelist We still need:

Mappers - 1 Coders - 3 Skinners - 2 Modelers - 1 Artists - 1 Weapon Idealist - 2 Researchers - 1 Sound Editors - 2 Menu Editors - 1

MSN - [email][/email] Email - [email][/email]

Use one of he contacts above.

Forums are being made,Along with the site,also expect an update soon.

Please Help,We already have an M1A1 and MLRS being made.Thankyou for your time.