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#1 13 years ago

Good mourning: I'm new here,so I'll try not to ramble.roll%20eyes%20(sarcastic).gif I started with BF1942 upon it's release.As downloading became avaiable,I Added to my mod & map collection.Some of the most enjoyable fictional maps were (Xhaos Island,Citadel Island,Canyon Siege,Barbarossa.)to name a few. With the advent of BFV ,the gaming improved greatly! Because of time constraints do to work I'm not a regularly online.I do though apreciate the individule & clan mod and map developers.The vehicle & wound detail in forgotten hope.More recently,The forestry & ground cover in BFV,even detailed clip ejection of the M1Garand in BFV.WW2. I hope there are game developers that would be willing to take on old BF1942 download maps like the ones mentioned above.I have downloaded most of available BfV.WW2 maps,but miss playing with Germans on larger scale maps.(hope I,m not the only one:lookaround: ).If you or your clan operate in this field,I would apreciate your comments about it. Fellow G.I.,TFElmoman:bows: