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24th January 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hey, no we have not released Rh this topic will tell you what things are going to be in v1 The 1st Version will start off with the Ausstralian Forces working up to the US leaving vietnam these will be in different sections Us vehicles - slimmed down Centurion Mk.5 HONEST JOHN MISSILE LAUNCHER LVTP5A1 Amtrac M41 Walker Bulldog - Done M42 Duster - Done M53 M56 Scorpion M728 CEV M-274 A2 MECHANICAL MULE M-422 A1 MIGHTY MITE ================================== US Air Vehicles B52 Stratofortress - Done OV-10 Bronco A4 - skyhawk UH34D sea horse - DOne Littlebird ===================================== US Water Vehicles SK5 - RC Hovercraft - Done ===================================== Nva Vehicles AMX-30 with AA Roland missile M107 T-55 Type 62 Halftrack Type 63 YW-531 - Done T-34 - Done BTR-40 ========================================== Nva Air LI-2 Mig - 19SF ========================================== Ausstralian Forces Australian Local Pattern Carriers Churchill M198 Stuart M3 light tank Centurion 169091 Feret Mk.2/3 Sentinal Tracked Truck =========================================== Ausstralian Water Vehicles Mercer - Done ============================================= French Foreign Legion Vehicles M42 Walker - CHAFFE - Done Centurian =========================================== Buildings French Forts - Done Nui Pek Base - Massive - Bunkers New tunnel systems Bridges - Done New Huts Missle Launchers - Done we will have things skinned in 2 weeks we will update with about 30 new things so watch out for the post (yey things skinned) the Site should be up in no time at all so keep checking the link we are still in search of 2 skinners 1 coder 1 modeler thanks - Hes [email=""][/email] / [email=""][/email]