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Good Morning Vietnam!

The Unknown Soldiers clan, also known as =US=, is hosting the first ever annual Battlefield Vietnam Marathon Tournament. The tournament will be taking place January 21-23rd. And for the first time ever in a BFV tournament, matches will be running 24 hours a day(we may take a break between 2 am and 8 am est if this becomes a problem.), all weekend long.The Finals will be on Sunday Jan.23 at 9 pm est. Teams will be consisting of eight soldiers willing to sacrifice their all on the battlefield. And these soldiers’ efforts will not go without reward. Prizes will be issued by well known sponsors like Tactical Gamer, NVidia, Alienware, and TruCal. And we are talking serious prizes, such as Servers, TS, and other products to optimize your clan's performance. Think your clan has what it takes to be the best? Enlist for the tournament at the =US= Forum Thread, which can be found at . Registration is only a small $3.00 per member or $24.00 per team. Any questions you have pertaining to this amazing experience can be found on the forums. Come spend the weekend having fun with your friends and proving to others how elite your clan truely is. See you on the battlefield soldiers and remeber: "Only the strongest will survive in the jungle"

-The Unknown Soldiers Clannvidia.gifgaming_pc_button_120x60.gif TG-Banner-Pubbies.gif