1.1.14 patch caused wierd problems -1 reply

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8th August 2004

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#11 16 years ago
NFC_Gun4Hireyeah the graphics issue you are having is due to your graphics card. need to upgrade. and the ammount of Ram needs to be increased as well.

Yeah its all getting on a bit now, as some of you may have noticed, ahem!!! but after a re install i put the 1.02.2 patch on and everything is fine exept for the damn napalm noise repeating forever. Shame really cos that was why i tried the other patch in the first place, ps. the game still looks quite good and the frames ar not skipping but the image is not nice and sharp like yours will be, still I got a house, car and weekend binge drinking to pay for :beer: but eventually i`ll upgrade, thanks for trying to help peeps!

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