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#1 13 years ago

Hello all, Ive got this problem with my BFV, Ive loaded the game 4x, each time I get this message after the 3rd cd is completed loading: "error, Specified comonent cannot be found in the media. An attempt was made to access a component that does not exist in the named media." Ive put BFV game in my ea games folder, I click on it after the error message the BFV folder is empty but the standard mesh folder is full (417,796 kb), Im meticulous with my game cd's, so there arent any scratches..I have AMD 64 3200+, Win XP Home (SP2 already installed - not my choice), serial ata 200gb, 1 gb ram, biostar K8NHA Grand 400MHZ,...BFV does not show in my add/remove program folder, I ve deleted the folders everytime I've reinstalled, the game folder doesnt show in my registry keys....I'm hopin you could help