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#1 13 years ago

All, I have tried everything to get this working, to no avail. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has figured out the way... :confused:

I am trying to use remote admin commands from in-game; all works fine except for the case where the argument to the admin command requires a string as an argument.

The specific command I am trying to use is admin.servermessage .

From in-game, I first enter remotecommand, and then double quotes, and then the server command. For example (this works fine; btw, "rc" is an alias I have for admin.execremotecommand):

rc "akick 7"

to kick player #7. Now the problem: I want to do this:

rc "admin.servermessage Good Morning Vietnam!"

This returns an error, because the server is expecting the string to be in quotes. Well this fails too:

rc "admin.servermessage "Good Morning Vietnam!""

as do these: rc "admin.servermessage 'Good Morning Vietnam!'" rc "admin.servermessage \"Good Morning Vietnam!\"" rc "admin.servermessage /"Good Morning Vietnam!/""

And everything else I've tried. Of course, something lame like this works:

rc "admin.servermessage GoodMorningVietnam!"

but that's pretty sad... :rolleyes:

At my wits end; maybe it's not possible. But would like to hear others' thoughts before reaching that conclusion. Thanks all!