???please help its an easy question, but im puzzled -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

just started playing bfv. when i download something and it sits on my desk top what do i do next? i dont even know how to unzip whatever that means. i have the unzip software but do you need to put certain files(???) and things in certain places? pls help thanks.



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30th June 2005

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#2 13 years ago

just double click the file and it should unzip and install but if its an rar file you have to get winrar

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#3 13 years ago

Once you download a .rar or .zip file, this is what it'll look like attachment.php?attachmentid=45781&stc=1&d=1138417041, create a new folder attachment.php?attachmentid=45782&stc=1&d=1138417041 (your desktop is the best place, this way you don't have to look for it) What you do next, depends on what is in the rar file, after it's extracted (double-click it and point the extraction to the [new folder[/i] on your desktop) you check the folder. If it's an .exe, then you double click it, and as long as the game is installed in the default location, the .exe will find it.


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#4 13 years ago

i had that too best is to reinstall look at my site for info