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#1 16 years ago

Hi, I've got a fairly new comp and still I'm experiencing severe graphic issues whenever multiple players (more than 5ish) come close (within visable range). I've tried doing these things: Update/clean out drivers (Graphic, sound and network) and BIOS. Re-installed BFV and patch it differently. Changing setup within the game (putting everything on minimum e.i). I even tried ripping out the soundcard thinking that there might be an IRQ conflict with network or something. Nothing helped. I've read on several threads here that trojans might cause problems when playing online? Might that be the case with me? I'm a complete dolt when it comes to fixing these kind of things, so I sort of need a very descriptive way of handling it if someone has a possible sollution to my problem. I'll appriciate all the help I get. Best regards, Romulus, Prefect, Praetorian Legion.



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#2 16 years ago

hello, I have had the same problem with my graphics card. I have a ati radeon 256mb 9800pro. Basically the problems are in the software and you refresh rate on your moniter. Go into your graphic setting by right clicking, set your refresh rate to 75htz then go into your setting for your video card and set them to maxim performance and not quality...even if you have a good video card. Make sure antianlizing is off or as low as posslible, turn truform off, and anisotropic filtering off. The game has so many textures that it will give you massive amounts of you almost can't move..........restart the computer and go into vietnam....turn the setting to medium and try...if it works good, turn it to high. the rest of your components are pretty damn good so you should be all set. Also make sure you have the lastest ati drivers.....catylyst nees microsoft .net1.1 or later to work. try this out and I am sure youll be all set.