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#11 14 years ago

I have to agree with Hot Dog. One thing that drives me crazy is while I am reloading, if I get nicked by a bullet, I have to go through the whole reload process again.

New Maps with more emphasis on infantry work, less emphasis on tanks and APCs.

Why doesn't the US/SVA side get something like the SA-7? Seems only fair.

LESS damage for liitle falls off hills. Seems like the damage is set way too high.

Better ability to be concealed when hiding in foliage.


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#12 14 years ago
BeeceBetter ability to be concealed when hiding in foliage.

I agree on this one, and I think one of the big giveaways to where you're hiding is your name tag, I mean obviously it's nice to know who that guy over there is, but come on, nametags give away your position like a beacon on a pylon. Maybe it's an idea only to display the nametags of your teamates, making it more realistic in not knowing who your enemy is... And if you DO want to know who he is, pop a cap in his ass and watch the events list boast your kill :bandit: p.s. - Another good thing with this is that it would help stop personal vendettas so that people stop wasting time with a grudge :mad: , and get on with fighting for the team...

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