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#1 16 years ago

Just a quick post to let people know who may not be aware of the servers we are running at Jolt here in the UK. If you like well run servers with plenty of admin sorting out the idiots and ensuring decent gamers get a good fair game then come check us out. We run all of the popular maps and some of the more popular mods and even some regular maps modded for an extra twist (if you havn't seen OFD as a ground offensive and sea battle map then come take a look!:D ) We have lots to offer the battlefield gamer, cool servers, lively forums and a friendly and expanding online community! Find us at: irc:#battlefield.jolt Servers 02 - Irving Only 03 - Air Campaign 04 - WWII Mod 05 - Hastings 06 - Irving/Hastings 07 - War is Hell 08 - FlamingDart