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19th June 2004

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#1 15 years ago

[color=black]Hi everyone,[/color] [color=black][/color] [color=black]I would like to tell everyone here of a nice, clean, great attitude server. Sure its only 24 slots, yet it runs great. There is always an admin present yet maybe not in-game yet he IS watching. Currently the IP for this server is:[/color] [color=black][/color] [color=black]More information on this server is:[/color] [color=black][/color] [color=black]- Dual 2.4 Ghz Xeons [/color] [color=black]- 2 gigs RAM - Located in Texas [/color] [color=black]Currently running City Maps:[/color] [color=black]- Hue[/color] [color=black]- Hue Alt[/color] [color=black]- Quang Tri[/color] [color=black]- Quang Tri Alt The server is never down, or has had any problems lately. All pings range from 40-100. This server is a CLEAN server which keeps those with the "1337" attitude away. We don't like those who put others down. Please stop by and visit anytime, enjoy![/color]