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11th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

For those of you who are also familiar with Star Trek: Birth of the Federation this may be something you may have thought of yourself - would it not be waaaay too cool if they could come up with Birth of the Federation II in which battle would be fought like in Bridge Commander??? :dance: That would be THE game! The galaxy a lot larger, perhaps with the Dominion included in it, and of course with all the already existing elements of the BotF game much more refined (like diplomacy, resources, etc.) but without making it tediously boring and repetitive (as some Civilization elements tend to be). With the computers being able to process so much today I don't see how this could not be possible. Birth of the Federation begs for a sequel and it should not be something to disappoint. Bridge Commander and a much more refined/modernized BotF fused together - now THAT would be the ST game of the decade!

I hope this is an inspiration to all of you game makers out there. And you, ST gaming fans, PRESS FOR IT! It may just happen...:stallard: