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21st March 2002

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#1 16 years ago

First off, sorry to USS Phenix et al if these sorts of posts aren't welcome here, but I wanted to say my bit!

No more Bridge Commander for me! I am emigrating from the UK to the Canary Islands as from Sunday, May 5th, and I can't take my PC with me so I've played my last game I'm afraid! :(

Basically I just wanted to thank all the guys who run this site, you do a sterling job! Thanks to all the people who have helped me get through the game, and those who have helped me trying to get mods working (let's face it, it's NEVER gonna be easy, is it?!)

To all those (anyone? :) ) I've helped, cheers for saying 'thank you', it's the little things that make life good! To all those I've annoyed, I'm sorry.

Biggest thanks of all go to Unbreakable, for making one of my posts a 'Sticky Icky', I was grinning for days!! :D

It's been a pleasure, people. :borg: