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#1 16 years ago

i've seen it several times asked if it was possible to use other bridges in single player. Of course, this would cause major conflicts with scripting when other characters (picard, data, the vulcan ambassador, the klingon captain...) are on the bridge as well. What i was curious about was whether or not it would be possible nonetheless to use the other bridges in the missions where an extra is not on the bridge? Or just choose the from the main menu (in testmode, of course) specific missions where picard, data, etc. are not on the bridge? Granted, that's like half the game, but if it's possible, i think it would be cool to play even just a few sp missions with the other bridges... Or would this completely screw up the game, not making this idea worth it? (sorry if this makes little sense, i'm rather tired right now...)


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#2 16 years ago

if im not mistaken...........if you change the bridge name to EBridge or DBridge and put them into the...... Bridge Commander\data\Models\Sets folder then you should be able to use them in the game in either quickbattle or single player...and might have to edit it a bit to get the bridge crew to be in their right places....i would try it first and see that your bridge crew is in their chairs before editing anything.