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20th February 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, I just completed the first episode of my fan fiction based on BC. I revised a few parts based on the feedback i got (ship numbers cut back)


Star Trek ; Maelstrom =/\= “Sovereignty”

Captain Michael Reed sat at his desk in his ready room. He glanced at his cup of cold coffee wondering why he bothered to replicate I if he wasn’t going to drinking it. Reed was the Captain of the USS Sovereign , he had been for three years ever since he and his crew were transferred from the USS Dauntless. Two years had passed since the Kessok incident and many things has changed; The Federation was on the verge of complete peace with the Romulan Empire, the Orion Syndicate had nearly taken over Betazed and Chancellor Martok was making the Klingon Empire a much more favorable place. Also, with time people move on with their lives; Captain Picard was still in command of the Enterprise minus Cmdr Data, Captain Riker, Counselor Troi and Captain La Forge (he had been promoted to Captain and placed in command of the USS Challenger). Also, Captain Chakotay was killed with the rest of his crew during a skirmish with the Orions. Never the less, life went on. Just as he was thinking this, his communicator beeped.

“ Captain, there is an incoming transmission for you from Starbase 12, priority 1.”

“Patch it thru to my ready room.” He said in a muffled voice

Seconds later, the image of Admiral Janeway appeared on his screen. Janeway had recently been promoted to fleet Admiral and taken her place as Admiral Liu’s successor as head of operations in the Maelstrom.

“Good day Admiral.” He said in his most cheerful voice he could

“ Same to you Captain. I’m afraid this isn’t a social call. Starfleet has a mission of the uttermost importance for you.”

The Captain almost let out a sigh. He could only guess what she wanted him to do.

“Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to like this Admiral?”

She smiled

“Maybe because you’re a telepath. But your right, the news isn’t good. Two days ago, the USS Ohio was destroyed near the Beol system.”

“The Ohio? Wasn’t she a Nebula class starship?” he said in a surprised voice

“Indeed she was. She was very well armed too which suggests that she was probably outnumbered.”

“Do you have any leads?”

“Yes, unfortunately.”

Now she had really lost him

“Unfortunately in what way admiral?”

“Starfleet research analyzed the weapons signatures, one is Ferderation, the other Romulan.” her tone was grave

Reed took in a deep breath

“So the Romulans destroy one our ships on the verge of peace….”

“We haven’t spoke to the Romulan High Council yet on this matter, we may be only dealing with a stray faction, but there is no way to be sure until…” He cut her off

“…Until you send in another ship in the harms way to find investigate.”


Reed allowed himself to smile

“Figures, what are our orders?”

“You are to proceed to the Beol system, determine the whereabouts and their loyalties. Above all, avoid any conflict, we don’t want another war on our hands. Janeway out.”

Janeway’s face was replaced with the Starfleet logo. He turned of his monitor. He walked out the door of his ready room and onto the bridge.

All eyes fell on him. Looks like they were having the same reaction as him to a priority 1 message. He spoke loud enough so that they could all hear him.

“I’ve just spoken to Admiral Janeway, the Ohio has been destroyed and the Romulans are our prime suspects. Our orders are to investigate. This mission is reconnaissance only.”

Brex was the first to speak his mind “Whenever it comes to the Romulans there is no such thing as not ending up in a dogfight.”

Miguel joined in too “Yeah, we’ll be dodging torpedoes before you we find anything out.”

“That’s enough commanders.” said Saffy in a stern voice

Reed smiled, somethings will never change. He turned his attention to Kiska.

“Ensign Lomar, set a course for Beol, warp 9. Brex, do what you can to keep our sensor profile low.”

“Course plotted Captain.”


After two hours of flying at high warp, the Sovereign emerged in the Beol system. Reed paced back in forth around the bridge, he was nervous, more so than usual. Perhaps with the Sovereign being farther away from the action than she usually was over the last two years had made him soft? No matter, he was going to do his duty.

Kiska turned in her seat and spoke up “Arriving at the edge of the Beol system sir.”

“Very well, Miguel, run full a sensor sweep.”

“Aye sir.” He paused as he scaned the systen for any abnormal readings

“Sir, I have 30….make that 70 Romulan Warbirds in orbit around Beol 2!”

“Oh my god” said Saffi “ I think we can be sure were going to war again.”

Reed was shocked but kept acting as professional as he could.

“Have they detected us?”

“Yes sir and 6 of them are on an intercept course!”

“Get us out of here maximum warp!”

The Sovereign swung around and jumped into warp, narrowly missing a barrage of disruptor fire.


Miguel double checked his readings and looked up

“Sir….they aren’t pursuing…”

“Not a single ship?”

“No sir.”

“This is damn peculiar…stand down from Red Alert. Commander Larsen, hail Admiral Janeway on a secure channel.” “ Channel open sir”

Several hours later, Captain Reed was being debriefed by Admiral Janeway and several Starfleet tactical liaison officers. The same questions kept coming up ; why did Romulans not pursue them and what the hell were they up to?

After 3 hours of repeating himself and reading the same reports over and over, Reed returned to the Sovereign with more bad news.

“All right people, Starfleet Commander has decided that the prostect of having a Romulan fleet must be stopped before they can advance. The Sovereign will be the flagship of a fleet of 50 starships that will attempt to deter the Romulans from the Maelstrom.”

Miguel seemed confused “ What did the Romulan High Council have to say about all this?”

“From what they told us, the fleet we encountered in the Beol system is a rogue faction that call themselves the Drei’Tik. We’ve also learned that the mastermind behind this campaign is Commader Sela.”

“I thought she was killed with the rest of the High Council by Shinzon” said Felix

“That’s what Starfleet Command thought but apparently she managed to avoid that “tragedy”. Her surviving also suggest she took part in the ploy to overthrow the Romulan government. At any rate, we are to rendez- vous with the with the rest of the fleet in the Biranu system.”

“Thirty warbirds versus fifty federation ships? I take it we’re going for strength in numbers?” asked Saffi “That’s the plan. Luckily, the Warbirds are the old D'deridex class and not the new ones.” Reed stood up and taped his communicator

“Captain to all hands…..battle stations!”

Following his words, the claxon of red alert flooded the ship. Throughout the ship, weapons lockers opened revealing hand phasers and compression rifles. Security personnel handed them out to the whole crew. Within minutes, the entire ship was at full combat readiness. Enough to make any Captain proud.

A flash of light erupted as the Sovereign came out of warp in the Biranu system.

“Mr Savali, what’s the fleet status?” asked Reed

“ All ships accounted for sir, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be.”


Kiska swirved in her chair

“Captain, we’re receiving a hail from the Uss Challenger.”

“Put them on screen.”

The face of Captain La Forge leaped onto the screen.

“Good to see you again Micheal.” said Goerdi with a smirk on his face

“Likewise Captain, ready to save the universe?”

Goerdi let out a chuckle “Always.Best of luck.”

“Same to you, Sovereign out.”

As always, Brex wasn’t so optimistic

“Is anyone else having second thoughts here? I’d be perfectly happy hauling cargo back and forth.” Reed smiled and said “ You need to stop worrying and get your butt down to engineering where it belongs.”

“ Aye sir.”

Brex scurried into the turbolift. Reed knew he really couldn’t blame him for being scared. After all, he’s a Bolian, and Bolians aren’t exactly the bravest people in the galaxy.

“Ensign Lomar, set course for the Beol system and engage.”


The fleet dropped out of warp within an hour. Nerves were high and everyone wanted to be anywhere but here.

Miguel turned and announced “All ships have arrived sir, the Romulan fleet is one hundred and fifty million kilometers away and closing.”

“Commander Larsen, open a channel to all ships.”

“Channel open sir.”

“ This is Reed, all ships, remain in formation and go for your assigned targets. And good luck, Reed out.”

Just as the fleet opened fire on each other, something that Starfleet never would have predicted happened ; more Romulan Warbirds joined the fray.

Miguel looked up in disbelief from his console “Captain, 39 more Romulan ships have just decloaked!!!”

Now it was time to panic. Saffi leaped out of her seat “Damn, they must have planned to ambush us! We have to retreat!”

Reed nodded “Reed to all ships, RETREAT!”

Kiska yelled to the Captain over the intense claxons “Captain, one of the Romulan ship is emitting a dampening field! We can form a stable warp field!”

“Evasive maneuvers patern Kirk epsilon! The only way were going to get out of here if to fight our way out. Miguel, try to locate the ship emitting that dampening field, Felix, coordinate our firing arks with the rest of the fleet.”

“Aye sir” said Miguel and Felix As the battle erupted, disruptor fire and torpedoes flew in all directions. An Akira class ship fired a full volley of quantum torpedoes at a Romulan Warbird. The Warbird’s commander having guessed his opponents move cloaked his ship just as the torpedoes were fired. They missed his ship by less than 10 meters and kept going in a strait line until they slammed the unfortunate crew of the Maximus.

Aboard the Challenger, Captain La Forge wasn’t doing so well either. His ship had virtually lost a third of its crew to extensive hull breaches.

“Lt Ferrel, divert power from all non-essential systems to structural integrity.” Geordi yelled over the sound of dying men and the computer’s constant annoying warning messages

Ferrel nodded and stumbled over to the engineering station at the rear of the bridge. A sudden jolt caused her to loose her footing and she tripped over the ships dead helmsmen. On the verge of crying, she pulled it together and mustered all the power she could from the ships reserves.

“Done. It should keep us together for another few minutes.”

“Right,” He stood up from his chair “all hands to emergency escape pods, Ensign Vorek , set the ships systems to automatic and program the weapons to provide cover fire for the pods.”

Vorek, raised an eyebrow and obeyed the order.

“Now everyone lets get the hell out of here!”

La Forge made sure he was the last one to get in the escape pod at the rear of the deck1 . Before he got in, he caused for a second and looked around what remained of his ship. Fire and debris was spread all over the bridge and on the floor his first XO, his helmsman and several others lay dead.

He taped the bulkhead with his hand and muttered under his breath, “Goodbye old girl.” and climbed into the escape pod.

Captain Reed grabbed onto whatever he could and made his was over to Miguel.

“Report on Romulan fleet status.”

Miguel peered at the readings on his monitor, barely able to read them what with all the shaking and debris shooting around.

“we’ve destroyed thirty –one of their ships but they still got sixty-eight…..correction, sixty-seven remaining.”

“What about us?”

“Only twenty-two remain sir.”

“Dammit! Keep searching for that ship.”

Reed turned to give Felix a new set of orders when a disruptor blast slammed the rear of the bridge. The aft science station exploded and glass shards flew everywhere. Fire spewed out the conduits. Reed was thrown several feet to the port side of the bridge. When he got up and looked for Felix, he saw him laying face down on the floor. He rolled him over. Felix had a shard of debris in his skull. He was dead. Saffi was severely burned but alive. Reed turned to the medics that had just arrived.

“Get her to sickbay!”

Reed hit his communicator and barked “Brex, keep her together!”

Brex’s voice was frantic “I’m trying sir but my engineering teams are dead I only have a few men left, we had a hull breach down here and I lost ten men!”

For the first time since this bloody battle began, Starfleet got lucky; the cloaked Warbird emitting the dampening field, got hit by a stray torpedo. Without it’s shields, the Warbird took severe damage and it’s main power went offline.

Miguel excitingly yelled “Captain! The dampening field is gone!”

Reed leaped from his seat “Beam the survivors from any escape pods you can and order the others to do the same.”

Miguel spun in his chair “All survivors are safely aboard sir.”

“Helm, warp: what ever the hell you can give me. ENGAGE!

The shattered remains of the fleet jumped into warp. Not every ship made it. The USS Lincon had sustained damage to it’s anti-matter injectors.When it jumped to warp. The result was a warp core breach.

Seventeen hours later, the Sovereign arrived at Starbase 12. All the wounded were beamed to the Starbase for treatment. The Captain and Brex walked along the Starbase promenade, which had been converted into a medical triage to accommodate the hundreds out wounded. Brex shuttered as he saw a doctor place a blood soaked white cloth over a dead officer. Reed grabbed a passing doctor by the arm “We’re looking for Cmdr Saffi Larsen, have you seen her.”

“I’m not sure, most of the people here can’t talk to give us their names, check the medical check-in file.” He said and pointed to a computer terminal

They walked over to the computer and the Captain spoke up

“Computer, searching for Larsen, Saffi.”

The screen switched to a list of names and it scrolled down until it landed on Larsen. Reed read the screen then punched the bulkhead next to him.

“What? What’s wrong?” asked Brex

He looked at the screen. It read as follows:

Name Assignment Status Cause

Larsen, Saffi USS Sovereign K.I.A Severe internal injury and burns

Both men fell silent. Felix and Saffi are dead as well as thousand others, and this war had only just begun.

*Coming Soon!* Rise of the new Empire


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#2 15 years ago

that's pertty damn good. i like how you got rid of saffi.


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#3 15 years ago

Good story, you should convert it to a real BC campaign!

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#4 15 years ago

hey thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. i'd love to make it a bc campaign but i know nothing of scripting

in the next segment, harry kim, sela, picard will be joining the fray


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#5 15 years ago

I have on that deals with you commanding a new ship, a Federation/Kessok hybrid that has some new type's of torpedos and a new type of beam weapon. and mostly dealing with those little half metal people from the delta quadrent :borg: but also having conflicts with everyone else(i'm trying not to tell it all now)and this takes place about 15 years after voyager gets home. in the end of my little fictional bc(hopefully to be missions) in the last part it'll be a cinamatic scene. [ENGINERING] "Sir, with the borg threat gone, what do you think will happen to the balance of power in the alpha quadrent. As most ships of each race were wiped out by the borg invasion?" [CAPTAIN] "Well...." [OPS] "Sir! Starfleet has recieved a distress call form Deep Space Nine. They've been attacked. By the Dominion!" so who else has a fictional bc?

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#6 15 years ago

hey, thats cool:) you should post the rest


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#7 15 years ago

well, i don't have it in detail yet. give me a day or 2.


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#8 15 years ago
borg121well, i don't have it in detail yet. give me a day or 2.

When WILL you post it?