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9th October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

This might be ancient news, but since I recently played through the single-player BC campaign again, I found something interesting. It's in the mission where you go to the Nepenthe system and hide in the asteroid field (savegame E4M1-Nepenthe). Of course, after Matan's lackeys find you hiding in the asteroids, his Keldon, the Kessok light cruiser, and the transports all warp out while the two Galor escorts remain behind and attack you while Data does some analysis on the other ships' warp trails. Once he's done with that, five more Galors warp in and attack you, and most of the bridge crew suggests that you should head back to Starbase 12 since your work there is done and you probably can't defeat seven Galors at once. However, I decided to fight them anyway, though admittedly I did cheat a little by running away to repair and regenerate my shields a few times. I learned that if you defeat all seven of them, it will say "Secret Quantums" across the bottom center of the screen, and any quantum torpedoes you have used to that point will be replenished, so you'll be back up to the full 60. This is, of course, before the Starbase 12 defense mission, so at this point in the campaign you still have to conserve those quantum torpedoes because they don't have any replacement ones to give you yet. I would post the screenshots I took but I don't have any file hosting and I wouldn't know how to embed an image in here anyway.