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#51 17 years ago
Originally posted by NCC1701Z Voyager vs Tactical cube

the worst part about this (im sure youll agree) is that voyager wasnt torn into 100 tiny peices like it shouldve been.


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#52 17 years ago

Star Trek 6 Undiscovered country the final battle between the Enterprise and Excelsior and a cloaked bird of prey that could fire torps while cloaked...that was a badazz fight


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#53 17 years ago

The DS9, Undiscovered Country and Nemesis battles. DS9 was just SOOOO brutal, and the poor brave crews in the not-so-strong ships were interesting. The final level on the Dominion Wars game is only half of it. What You Leave Behind is the best though. What if the bridge was more like a military thing. In Nemesis, they send all the senior officers down. They need to consider the role of ensigns and lieutenants.