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20th October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Im going to post my various Battle storys to regail you with my superior tactics and stratiges:lol:

1st one off the bat.

Ships: 9o9 Defiant (Me) 2 Knox's Nebulas (Friendly) 2 dominion battlecruisers (Enemy) And 3 attack bugs (Enemy)

Beol system. 1st planet.

I decided to go after the Bugships when the match first started. But even with the so called AI The Nebula's attemped to attack the smaller, faster, Buships. While one BC opened up on the nebula, Another BC opened up on me. So I targeted him. And did the usual stuff, Avoiding the disruptors while getting pegged with Polareon beams. Meanwhile, one bugship attacks me.

Eventually, The nebula the BC was attacking shields collapse, and it is quickly destroyed. However, The other nebula has completed its mission and destroyed a bugship. And thankfully, it attacks the one thats hitting me in the back. I pound away in my Defiant, with pulse phasers and quantom torpedee's But I only do moderate damage to the ship itself.

So being me, I decided to try an do something 'different' I pulled out for a strafing run.. And I played chicken with the BC. Of course, as they always do, The BC turned first. but I stayed on course with them. Until the last possible second. I pulled alongside him, Within his shield radious. I only had a limited firing arc without ramming him.. and him flying around trying to shake me wasnt making this any easier. So to try an make my prey less... Vigirous, I attacked his impulse engines. and destroyed them completely.

Meanwhile, The best I could figure, the nebula did major damage to another bugship, and destroyed the one that was attacking me. But the other BC managed to finally break its shields. It wasnt destroyed yet, But it was sure being handed its hat. So beign a little lazy and ruthless, I obliterated teh disabled bugship that was floating in space. And moved to defend my fellow comrades. As vainly as I tried, I could save the nebula in time. But the BC was spending valuable time attack a diabled opponent that the dangerous one (Me) was ignored. So I did what any revenge driven commander would have done. I :smack: the Hello out of them.

I disable his shields, and impulse engines. And eventually destroy his warp core. boom.

hen i turn back to my prey spinning helplessly in space, Firing an occational beam from a random arc as he tumbles in space. Well. Wanting to go out in a bang. I set for double spread. and continuously pound him with 12 quantom torpedoes, until his shield crack. then destroying him was a simple matter.

I made it through the mission with 1 cannon disabled, and warp engines destroyed, and with 14% taken out of my warp core. And my shield took a massive beating. They were all dark red by the end of the battle. It was a glorious battle.

Please post your great tales. (Note) This All happened, No storys.