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17th August 2002

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#11 18 years ago

Enterprise is getting good. Season 1 finale was awesome. And with Season 2 coming this week, revealing the Temporal Cold War and stuff, it's gonna be good.

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5th April 2002

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#12 18 years ago

Yeah, I can't wait for the second season's opener of Enterprise. The last half of the first season was spectacular. It reminded me of TNG and Voyager at it's best. A lot of people didn't like the ideal of Scott Bakula portraying Captain Jonathan Archer. They were still suck on Quantum Leap. I think he has done a fantastic job. But my favorite character is Jolene Balock's T'Pol.

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#13 18 years ago

I would have to say that my favorite era(Though I love them all) in Trek would be the Later 23,Early 24th century for the mere fact that it hasn't been "Fleshed out" in a series of it's own,,,that's this guys opinion anyway,,,:D

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